Today’s Google Experiment

Speaking of George Will, today’s Google Experiment looks back to the 1980 presidential election.

During the election the Reagan campaign (among other things) ran an intelligence operation against the Carter White House involving active military personnel. One of their actions was the theft of Carter’s debate briefing books from the White House. (That’s right, a White House military aid stealing notebooks from the Oval Office, never disciplined by the “patriotic” Republicans.)

So go to Google and search for “George Will Carter Reagan stolen briefing book”. Read some of the websites that pop up. (If you’re not old enough to remember the criminality of the Reagan crowd I recommend spending a few more minutes looking into some of the things that happened between 1980 and 1992.)

Here we have a briefing book stolen from the White House, we have “journalist” George Will in possession of this stolen property and helping prepare Reagan for the debates, and on the night of the debate “journalist” Will sat as an ABC commentator on the debates. A “journalist” in possession of stolen briefing books, possibly the biggest political news story of the decade at that time, and he kept it secret. He was never jailed for possessing stolen property (the Reagan Justice Dept. from day 1 suspended prosecution of Republicans), never fired for not reporting the story, never fired for not letting the public know of his role in debate preparation, and continues as a high paid “journalist” to this day!