Today’s Google Experiment

Back in the Reagan days I used to spend time arguing online with right-wingers (on CompuServe! – I even had a back-and-forth with Limbaugh once.) I used to research budget numbers and other statistics to refute the right-wing arguments, like “tax cuts cause revenue to increase,” “welfare causes women to have more babies,” and of course the old Republican standard, “blacks are less intelligent than whites.” (I was working on a never completed book.) Eventually I came across a website of a guy doing very similar work – Steve Kangas and his Liberalism Resurgent pages. He was even in the same town as me, although I never met him.

So for today’s Google experiment, let’s look up Steve Kangas, author of the Liberalism Resurgent website. Scroll down and look at some of the references.

Don’t miss this great page.

And ESPECIALLY don’t miss this one and this one.