Today We Face Another ‘Watergate’

Yesterday I wrote about the new Iran Contra,

There is no branch of government that will investigate these, and other, obviously illegal activities. There is no branch of government interested in enforcing the law. It is all about the interests of The Party now.

Today I read Sam Dash’s piece Today We Face Another ‘Watergate’:

“Each of the branches must have the leadership and the courage to do its job. For, if the Congress and the courts are passive in the face of a president’s assertion of excessive power, and the people are uninformed of the danger, the country can once again face the loss of precious constitutional freedoms.”

He must be brilliant! (He agrees with me.)

Listen, I know that most of the people reading this are too young to understand what Watergate was, and how serious it was, and what it exposed about the Repubican Party. Well, it WAS serious. People rightly saw what Nixon and the Republicans did as threatening democracy itself.

And then, Reagan just picked up where Nixon left off, as if nothing ever happened. Later, Iran/Contra was vastly more serious than Watergate because it involved making war on other countries. And the things going on today are vastly more serious than that. In fact, Bush has HIRED (scroll to “Since”) the people who committed the Iran/Contra crimes! Think about what that MEANS!

The crimes routinely committed by the White House – and ignored by the Congress and the press – today are much, much worse than those that utterly shocked the nation in the 70’s.

Update – More here:

Poindexter was appointed National Security Adviser in 1985 under President Reagan. He was forced to resign less than a year later and was convicted of conspiracy, lying to Congress, obstructing a congressional inquiry, defrauding the government and destroying evidence in the Iran-Contra scandal. A federal appeals court overturned the convictions because Poindexter had been granted immunity in his testimony before Congress.

Although Poindexter is not a convicted felon, it remains true that he lied to Congress, the American people and falsified and destroyed evidence. Yet the Bush administration chose this man to run DARPA.

That the Bush administration hires this man says all you really need to know about the Bush administration’s intentions.

Update – Link fixed.