To Understand Republican Election Strategy

See the slave map.

Update – From Talking Points Memo:

It all reminds me of a line from a famous, or rather infamous, memo Pat Buchanan, then a White House staffer, wrote for Richard Nixon in, I believe, 1972 when their idea of the moment was what they called ‘positive polarization’.

At the end of this confidential strategy memo laying out various ideas about how to create social unrest over racial issues and confrontations with the judiciary, Buchanan wrote (and you can find this passage on p. 185 of Jonathan Schell’s wonderful Time of Illusion): “In conclusion, this is a potential throw of the dice that could bring the media on our heads, and cut the Democratic Party and country in half; my view is that we would have far the larger half.”

And there you have it. Tear the country apart. And once it’s broken, our chunk will be bigger.

This is how they did it. Setting us againt each other. North against South. Evangelical Christian against other Christians, Jews, Muslims, Gays, etc. “Liberal Elite” (as if there were any such thing) against working people. And so on, and so on…