Timing is Everything

So, how about that Iraq timing, huh? Almost exactly 2 months before the election and it looks like things are really heating up. Looks like it could really come to a head in … OCTOBER.

Is it in any way possible that the timing is political? I’m hearing a lot from the right wing PR machine about how this is a Democrat vs Republican thing (and not much about reasons to attack Iraq). They’re spinning this entirely as a political issue. Anyone been listening to Rush Limbaugh lately? Much of his show this morning was about how the Democrats are placing the country in danger by trying to manipulate public opinion on Iraq against Bush in an attempt to get an issue in the election.

I’ve often observed that the right-wingers accuse us of what they’re up to themselves. It’s called inoculating. And the usual suspects have been all over the media accusing the Democrats of using Iraq as a political issue.

It seems to me that if they are looking for public support and want to keep the divisiveness down that they would do everything they could to keep things QUIET until after the election to avoid even the APPEARANCE of this being politically motivated. Even if the need was truly great to do something it would be best to keep it away from the election so they could go into a war with an undivided public, to put it redundantly. I think it is becoming blatantly obvious that they are pulling an October Surprise here. This timing is extremely unfortunate for our soldiers because it risks public support for at home.

To be redundant again, it this were for real they wouldn’t want it to happen anywhere NEAR election time.