Time To Take A Breath

Blogger Kevin Drum, quoting the Baltimore Sun quoting Kevin Drum, writes:

META-META-BLOGGING….What do I think about the mainstream media’s newfound ritual of asking bloggers what they think about the election results? Here’s what I told Tricia Bishop of the Baltimore Sun this afternoon:

“In a way it’s the ultimate in navel gazing,” Drum said. “The bloggers all read the media and the media call bloggers to find out what they’re reading.”

It really does seem like that sometimes.

During the Democratic Convention I posted a picture of a news camera crew filming a print reporter interviewing a blogger, who was interviewing the reporter. The caption was “This is reporters covering reporters interviewing bloggers while bloggers interview the reporters.”

It’s starting to happen here, too. They want us to find stuff on the blogs for them to talk about on the air. The blogs are all writing about what they are hearing on the air. I’m going to sneak out and find a bar.