Time For Nuclear Option In Senate?

Hey, a few years back I was hearing a big hullabaloo on the news about something being proposed called the “Nuclear option.” Also there were ads for it all over the TV. As I remember it, there was this big campaign demanding “an up or down vote” in the Senate, the proponents saying that it was terribly unfair to allow fewer than half of the Senate to block votes. People were so unhappy with filibusters that they wanted to change Senate rules to prevent them.
So tonite I’m wondering, all of those Republican Senators who demanded “an up or down vote” become the rule of the Senate, maybe they were right and maybe now the Democrats should join them — they’ll certainly still want to vote to end filibusters, right? — and end this obstructive practice.
Here are some Republicans who will certainly join the fight for reviving this idea for a rule change:
It’s time for up-or-down vote – Bill Frist
Up, Down or Out – Bob Dole
George W. Bush calling for up or down vote
Wall St Journal editorial calling for nuclear option
Up or Down – National Review
Weekly Standard

Pat Buchanan

Cato Institute
Center for Individual Freedom
And tons of gems like this:

“This is the time to unite, Republicans. It’s no time to weaken. Quit the back-and-forth on the part of a few Republicans. That only fires up the Dems to think they can work for defeat on any issue coming before Congress. Don’t give the Dems any breathing space. None. They don’t deserve it.
The Red States are anxiously awaiting the Republican United Party to act against the filibuster tradition. It’s a worn custom and way past its profit. It’s time to oust the filibuster as the game playing, day care center maneuvering any thinking American has always regarded it to be. Enough is enough.”