So today I’m rethinking everything I thought I knew… wondering about the viability of Dean’s door-to-door, new-voter strategy — having enough people go door-to-door, the old fashioned way. If this isn’t going to work, it means that the strategy of America Coming Together is also questionable. They are planning a “massive voter contact campaign” and are well-funded. So does this mean that all those funding eggs are in one broken basket?

Also, if voters in Iowa felt that Kerry’s military record and Edwards’ southern accent are the best ways to go up against Bush — if that is what the results mean — then I suspect this will lead to Clark as the nominee.

And then there’s “the sound.” I was listening to right-wing talk radio earlier, and it is almost the ONLY thing on.

Anyway, it’s early, it’s going to take some time for this to settle in. More later.

Update – I just wrote to someone, “Dean is WAY ahead in NH. And well-organized. AND if Dean is smart, he’ll make adjustments to his ads and to his message now. AND if he is not smart he shouldn’t be our nominee against Bush. This is too important.”