This Threat Looks Serious

U.S. Officials Face Array of Possible Plots:

“Unlike past elevations of the terrorism threat level, the decision to raise the alert to orange this time was unanimous and decisive, because it was based on what senior Bush administration officials described as the most alarming, credible and specific information they had ever seen.

‘I have never seen the national security leadership as tense and anxious as they are right now,’ said a second senior federal law enforcement official. He said that even the timing of the raising of the threat level was moved up a day because of rapidly developing concerns over the weekend. Bush administration officials were so concerned, he said, that they sent a plane to Missouri on Saturday to bring Atty. Gen. John Ashcroft back to Washington from vacation.

‘In the past, there were disagreements over whether [the elevated alert] was needed,’ that official said. ‘This time, everyone said, ‘Yeah, let’s do it.’ It is the most specific and credible information we’ve had, period.'”

My own indicator of the seriousness of the threat — that it wasn’t another threat just for political purposes — was that it followed Dean’s statement that capturing Saddam has not made us any safer. Rove would NEVER allow the government to confirm that, so someone must have overridden Rove on this.

But the stock market continues to go up. What are they thinking?