This Is What Corporate Rule Means

In Texas, for example, if you don’t agree to lease your land to an oil company on their terms, they can just condemn the land and force you. Old Texas Tale Retold – Farmer vs. TransCanada,

So she and her brother spent hours bent over the kitchen table going over the lease agreement, creating a version they could live with. She presented their version to TransCanada.
“I fully expected them to counter,” she said. “There were about five or six things we wanted, and we would have been happy to take one or two.”
Then, she said, TransCanada “went full radio silence.” The Crawfords never heard back from them — until October, when they got a letter saying their land had been condemned and a lease awarded to TransCanada.

You don’t even get to go to the legal proceeding:

The Crawfords’ condemnation hearing happened in front of a district judge. They were not invited to that hearing — landowners in Texas do not get to go to the actual condemnation hearing.

FYI It’s a CANADIAN oil company building this pipeline, from Canada to the Gulf Coast, so they can sell oil to China.