"This is the Road to the Draft"

Steve Gilliard’s News Blog : You’re in the Army now:

The Army needs about 75K new enlistees a year, a number they usually get. The real issue is that they may not make their numbers even then. If the number of non-hs grads drops below 80 percent, then a draft may really be around the corner.

Yes, my opinion is evolving on this because of one simple fact, the pool of soldiers isn’t growing while the demands for US troops is. 40 percent of the troops in Iraq are Guardsmen and reservists and once they get out, they aren’t going back. The Guard and Reserve are having even more problems getting and retaining troops, especially Army vets which provide the backbone of Guard units. Once they don’t enlist, you have a problem.

Something has to give and Bush’s assurences on the draft are as credible as anything else he says.

Gonna vote THIS TIME?