This Is The Right

Eachaton is pointing to this site celebrating the bombing of the UN headquarters that killed 17 and injured more than 100 people. I recommend reading it and the comments that follow.

“I heard this on the news this morning and had almost popped the cork off of a bottle of sparkly when I heard that it was the U.N. HQ in Baghdad.” [Instead of New York. – DJ]

I wrote about the right and the UN a few days ago.

This isn’t an isolated example of the kind of cruelty that is routine from this crowd. Remember when Ann Coulter said she regretted that al-Queda didn’t attack the NY Times building instead? Remember Bush mocking the woman he was preparing to execute? According to the story, “Please,” Bush whimpers, his lips pursed in mock desperation, “don’t kill me.”

It reminds me very much of a right-winger who commented in a CompuServe political discussion I was engaged in, after the bombing of the Federal building in Oklahoma, “The government finally got a little bit smaller today.”

Compassionate conservatives, my ass!