This Is Serious

Over at Kos, this question:

” Why should we care about Jeff Gannon?

A potential male prostitute gets White House credentials using a fake name, provides McClellan a welcome ideological lifeline during press conferences, and somehow gets access to classified CIA documents that outs an undercover CIA operative. “

National Security means NOTHING to these people. It is all about Party control of the State at this point.

When I write “National Security” there, I am talking about the safety of you and me. Seriously. We’ve got Moonies in positions of influence (and the Federal Government handing them “faith-based” checks for millions). We’ve got militia types and serious crazed wingnuts getting important jobs in the government. We’ve got a CIA agent who was in charge of keeping WMDs from reaching terrorists, who is outed in a political retaliation — which means her work ends and all of her contacts in other countries potentially tracked down and jailed or killed. And we’ve got the President participating in the cover-up of that because it would embarrass The Party. We’ve got an illegal invasion of a country based on lies about WMDs, and then when we invade WE DON’T EVEN GUARD THE SUPPOSED WMD SITES so they get looted of tons of very dangerous high explosives!!!

I mean, ALL KINDS of stuff like this is going on, and no mechanisms remain for doing something about it! All controls have been removed to protect The Party. No one in the government will investigate because it would harm the interests of The Party, and those controlling the Congress won’t investigate for the same reason. (Has there been even ONE Congressional oversight hearing looking into ANY wrongdoing by this administration? Has even ONE Justice Department investigation of wrongdoing by ANY Republican reached a conclusion? And all those involved in the Congressional Ethics Committee that scolded DeLay have been removed and punished.) Meanwhile we have Federalist Society judges infiltrating the courts to protect The Party. And don’t even ask about the mainstream press… There are no controls or checks or balances in place now to protect us.

I wrote about this in my depressing piece at American Street earlier today… This is serious.

Also, Kos added this:

Update: “Gannon” claims he quit because he was receiving death threats. Coward. For the record, I’ve been getting such threats for years amongst all the hate mail I get. It’s an unfortunate part of being a partisan writer, but a reality nonetheless. Probably every partisan writer in this country gets scary emails. It comes with the territory.

This is just bullshit. The “death threats” lie is intended to make him a victim. This is standard RW propaganda. Just like when that Homeland Security nominee had to quit, and said it was because the liberals were going to be “politically correct” because he had an illegal immigrant working for him, and it turned out that was just another lie. There was no nanny. Propaganda to make people think he is a victim and promote hatred of liberals. And now we’re told this guy Gannon quits because he’s the victim of liberals, not because he’s a RW operative caught infiltrating the White House. (I guess “infiltrating” is the wrong word when the RW operatives RUNNING the White House got him in…) THEY JUST LIE.

Watch your backs.