This could get interesting…

WASHINGTON – The White House, facing election-year questions about President Bush (news – web sites)’s military service, is releasing pay records and other information intended to support his assertion that he fulfilled his duty as a member of the Air National Guard during the Vietnam war.

The material, to be released Tuesday, was to include pay records and annual retirement point summaries to show that Bush served.

“These records clearly document that the president fulfilled his duty,” White House press secretary Scott McClellan said.

The point summaries were released during the 2000 presidential campaign but the pay records were not obtained by the White House until late Monday from the Air Reserve Personnel Center in Denver, Colo., McClellan said. He said the center, apparently acting on its own, reviewed Bush’s records and came up with the pay information.

“It was our impression from the Texas Air National Guard — they stated they didn’t have them,” he said. “It was also our impression those records didn’t exist.” Bush on Sunday authorized the release of his Guard records. McClellan said the latest material apparently is all of Bush’s records.

The pay information documented the dates when Bush showed up for Guard duty, the spokesman said. “You are paid for the dates you served,” McClellan added.

You know it’s a bad week when you’re having to do stuff like this.

Of course, there’s also this and this and this to respond to as well.

Not a good week for the administration.

Not a good week at all — and it’s only Tuesday.