"This ballot sponsored by Coca-Cola." (not a joke)

The Charlotte Observer has an article on the South Carolina Democratic Party’s latest initiative: corporate sponsored election materials! Apparently their ED got the idea from Iowa Democrats (who’re proposing to sell advertising space on a media backdrop to help pay for their caucuses) and decided to take it a step further; they’re having trouble raising the funds necessary to put on a primary election (their state, unlike others, makes the party pay for the cost of holding the elction), and this is their solution. Given that it only costs $500,000, you’d think they could dun the various candidates for the nomination for the funds necessary to put it on (or the DNC), in order to avoid embarassment of this type…

I especially love the last paragraph:

[State Democratic Party Executive Director] Erwin brushed off the criticism, saying it would be worse if the primary were canceled. “It somewhat changes the nature of politics, but boy, isn’t it consistent with the way things are changing?” he said.

No kidding.

BTW, this arrived in my inbox via a Green Party mailing list… thanks the the help building the party in South Carolina, Erwin. 🙂