Think Tanking For Bucks II

There’s big bucks out there for those willing to claim global warming isn’t real.
I wonder who is putting up all that money?
Here’s another: The Cato Institute’s Generous Funding of Patrick Michaels | Center for Media and Democracy,

Patrick Michaels, a senior fellow with the the Cato Institute, a Washington D.C. think tank, is one of the leading global warming skeptics. Back in 1994, when his media profile as Professor of Environmental Science at the University of Virgina and a global warming skeptic was taking off, Michaels founded New Hope Environmental Services.
The firm, which he wholly owns, describes itself as “an advocacy science consulting firm.” These days, New Hope’s main activities are publishing the firm’s blog, World Climate Report, and helping anonymous clients to publicize “findings on climate change and scientific and social perspectives that may not otherwise appear in the popular literature or media.”
While both Michaels and New Hope Environmental Services are secretive about who their clients are, a little piece of their funding jigsaw is tucked away in the backblocks of the 2006 and 2007 (pdf’s – see page 10) annual returns of the Cato Institute. In its returns, Cato reports that since April 2006 they have paid $242,900 for the “environmental policy” services of Michaels’ firm. (In preceding years, New Hope Environmental Services was not listed amongst the five highest paid independent contractors supplying professional services to Cato.)

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