Things People “Know”

Progressives have their work cut out for them for November. And even if they win the Presidency there’s nothing that tells me they’ll be able to get anything implemented because there is little supporting infrastructure out there that gets the message out, creating demand for progressive candidates and policies. In fact, progressive organizations like Rockridge Institute (see story) and Center for Policy Alternatives are going under because they cannot find funding.
Meanwhile the right-wing drumbeat is still finding its way to every corner of the country.
W Virginia keeps distance from Obama

Most people questioned said they mistrusted Mr Obama because of doubts about his patriotism and “values”, stemming from his cosmopolitan background, his exotic name and the controversy surrounding “anti-American” sermons by Jeremiah Wright, his former pastor. Several people said they believed he was a Muslim – an unfounded rumour that has circulated on the internet for months – despite the contradiction with his 20-year membership of Mr Wright’s church in Chicago. Others mentioned his refusal to wear a Stars and Stripes badge and controversial remarks by his wife, Mich­elle, who des­cribed America as “mean” and implied that she had never been proud of the US until her husband ran for president.
Conservative commentators have questioned Mr Obama’s patriotism for months and the issue is expected to be one of the Republicans’ main lines of attack if he wins the nomination. “The American people want a president who loves their country as much as they do,” said Whit Ayres, a Rep­ub­lican strategist. Obama supporters believe patriotism is being used as code to harness racist sentiment.

Hundreds of millions for candidates to run TV ads that literally just go up in the air — but nothing for the organizations that make long-term change possible.

3 thoughts on “Things People “Know”

  1. i am hoping that all a President Obama
    would have to do is go on TV and ask the folks to take to the streets, write their reps
    and see what would happen. You can’t get a few million new voters that Obama just got all cranked up to just sit back and watch what happens. I think we/them want to be kept in the loop. Unlike some of us white folks, who mostly vote and go home and cross our fingers, the black
    folks who have gotten pretty jazzed up about their
    own guy maybe actually doing something, they will want to continue to be heard, an interactive presidency if you will. This is going to surprise the old washington establishment. There really will be a new sheriff in town and he is bringing his posse
    with him.

  2. This is such BS. Maybe if Obama would get some of his “millions” of supporters (who’ve managed to help him raise more money than any Presidential candidate in recent history) to ALSO spend some of their cash on funding those very organizations that you so fondly (and wistfully) wish for, Dave, your “hope” would become a reality.
    The simple fact is that Obama is all about Obama–nothing more. He TALKS “change” yet the troops are still largely in Iraq, in spite of Obama’s “leadership” and “reaching across the aisle” to put an “end” to the same “old politics”. What has Obama done SPECIFICALLY to fund a truly progressive infrastructure? Since Obama’s THE ONLY PROGRESSIVE (according to “progressives”), HE should be the one out there helping progressive organizations. But, the problem there is that, in doing something like that, Obama risks being “partisan” (something he’s spent time saying that he’s not). Barack doesn’t care about “progressive issues” or creating a strong progressive infrastructure, and I don’t believe he ever has. All the “progressives” who’ve fallen for the Barackstar refuse to acknowledge that Barack’s voting record since his election to the Senate is little different than Hillary’s on ALL issues.
    Of course, that little fact doesn’t play well with the “progressive” community since it proves that Barack is NOT the be-all and end-all when it comes to “change” and “hope”.

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