They’re At It Again!

Remember our STF rule! When Republicans are accusing others of something it usually means it’s something they are doing themselves. And now, just as the Republican Party has been caught in a national voter-registration fraud operation — setting up voter registration drives and then throwing out all the Democrat registrations — they start making accusations.

From the Moonie’s Washington Times, Anti-Bush registration drive stirs fraud concerns:

A coalition of liberal groups committed to defeating President Bush has spent more than $100 million orchestrating the largest voter-registration drive in U.S. history, raising concerns of widespread voter fraud in 14 battleground states.

At the same time, Democratic Party officials are gearing up to challenge unfavorable Election Day results in a number of states through “pre-emptive strikes,” charging that Republicans prevented minorities from voting even before any such incidents are confirmed.

Why does a massive voter registration drive “raise concerns” of widespread voter fraud?

In the past several months, coalition members have flooded minority neighborhoods in an extensive door-to-door voter-registration drive, using bar-coded sheets to identify undecided and potential Democratic voters in Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Maine, Minnesota, Missouri, New Hampshire, Nevada, New Mexico, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Wisconsin.

Colorado Gov. Bill Owens this week accused the groups of trying to undermine the election process and demanded an investigation by his state attorney of hundreds of questionable voter-registration applications.

“I am very concerned that such groups have registered people who are not qualified to vote,” said Mr. Owens, a Republican.

Oh, I see. It’s because MINORITIES are involved! BLACK PEOPLE! YIKES!

And the other accusation? That Democrats are going to make up “pre-emptive strikes?” Turns out that’s not what the documents cited say at all. They say to describe typical Republican intimidation tactics — to warn people about what Republicans do — as a way of helping PREVENT them from happening. The Republican claim that Democrats are being told to make stuff up is … wait for it … making stuff up. The rule holds.