They Just Lie 2 (or is it 3 or is it 45 … lost count)

Here is the Republican Party’s official response to Al Gore’s call for Rumsfeld and others to resign because of the abuses at Abu Ghraib. G O :: RNC Communications Director Statement on Al Gore’s Comments Today at Rally:

“Al Gore served as Vice President of this country for eight years. During that time, Osama Bin Laden declared war on the United States five times and terrorists killed US citizens on at least four different occasions including the first bombing of the World Trade Center, the attacks on Khobar Towers, our embassies in East Africa, and the USS Cole.

Al Gore’s attacks on the President today demonstrate that he either does not understand the threat of global terror, or he has amnesia.”

Here we have the Republican Party officially blaming Clinton and Gore for the 9/11 attacks — and doing so in response to Gore’s call for accountability for what happened in the prison in Iraq.

So just as President Bush said in his speech the other night that we are in Iraq in response to 9/11, the Republican Party responds to Gore’s call for accountability for the Iraqi prison scandal by accusing him of being responsible for 9/11! AND the Republican Party says that Gore asks for accountability because he “does not understand the threat of global terror.”

As if the prison scandal had anything to do with global terror, and as if people who do understand the threat of global terror would excuse what happened.

Here we have an entire political party that bases its positions on outright lies. What’s left to say? How does one respond to this level of deceit? How does one protect oneself from this level of deceit? And most importantly, how do we protect the country from this level of deceit?

But wait, there’s more.

Rush Limbaugh gave a longer version of the same statement today when he responded today to Gore’s call for Bush to condemn Limbaugh’s incredibly offensive statements on the torture at Abu Ghraib. Here is some of Limbaugh’s response:

“Algore, this whole speech, he went nuts. He’s flailing around wildly there. Not just me, he’s attacking everybody who has led the nation through 9/11, the war on terrorism, and he’s making statements that are flat out lies in this speech. For example, the Geneva Conventions. I don’t know how many of you know this, the Geneva Conventions do not protect terrorists. They protect soldiers who serve under a nation who wear uniforms who carry their weapons openly, and with the kind of threat that we’re facing today with terrorist cells in the U.S. plotting an even bigger attack than 9/11. I mean, it says a lot about Gore. It says he’s perverse, that he would be argue to go confer greater rights on those who seek to murder millions of Americans and calling for even tougher actions to seek them out and destroy them before they destroy us, and this is what is truly puzzling to me about the left, and this is what’s disarming about these prison photos.

What really troubles me about these photos, above and beyond what’s in them, is how they’re being used to undermine our war effort. Now we have the former vice president, a man who was thisclose to becoming president of the United States, speak out in this speech. We haven’t played you the bites, but he was flailing around on the Geneva Convention. He starts talking about conferring more rights on the kind of people who want to murder tens of thousands more Americans than he does seem interested in dealing with the people who want to commit those murders. He has succeeded in giving our adversaries in Europe and our enemies in the caves of Afghanistan and the allies of Iraq a message that they’ll take to heart, and that is that we are not a united nation, that we do not have the will to win this war, and that we are weak and indecisive. That’s the message that Gore sends today, and it’s the wrong message, because it’s a lie, and beyond that it is an outrage.

I don’t think anything of this kind has ever been done by a former vice president during a war, but our adversaries and our enemies would be badly mistaken if they actually believe that Gore speaks for this nation, because he doesn’t. I speak for more of this nation than Algore does, and I will say it on this program. Otherwise, why is he bothering to mention my name? He speaks for the radical fringe in his party who have become more and more the mainstream of his party. They are the Hate-America First radical left, and I hope the American people get to hear all of this speech. I hope it’s played over and over again, for this is how low Gore and his crowd are willing to go to undermine the war effort and our troops and this president to promote themselves and their own agenda and get themselves back into power. Lest we forget, Algore and his boss, Bill Clinton, stood by while the enemy was plotting and planning to murder thousands of Americans.

They did nothing serious to stop bin Laden. They did nothing serious to fight terrorism. They degraded or military. They slashed our troop levels, undermined our intelligence services. Today calls for civil rights for terrorists in his speech while opposing the Patriot Act which helps us find and stop terrorist cells right here in our country, and Gore has said nothing about how he would fight this evil because he’s obsessed with hatred not for the enemy but for George W. Bush — and that’s what identifies That’s what identifies most of the fringe, radical left in this country. They actually think Bush is a greater threat to the people of this world and this country than any thug dictator, Saddam Hussein, Kim Jong ll, anybody. They think Bush poses a greater threat, and as misguided as that is, this is what animates them. It is what motivates them and inspires them.

In this speech today he actually makes the case for civil rights for terrorist cells in these prisons under the Geneva Convention when the Geneva Convention does not even cover terrorists. But more importantly, the idea that this guy — who didn’t say anything about terrorism in his presidential campaign.”

Remember, he’s talking about the treatment of people in a civilian prison in Iraq, where there is no question that every single person is covered by the Geneva Conventions. Every single person in Iraq is covered by the Geneva Conventions. (AND we are covered by OTHER treaties and laws banning torture of ANYONE, ANYWHERE, as well as our own ethics as Americans.)

Limbaugh is a spokesman for the Republican Party, no way around it. And in case there is any question whether he diverges from the official position of The Party, we have seen the Party’s statement that says pretty much the same things Limbaugh says here. Limbaugh says Gore is “perverse” for objecting to the treatment that we saw in those photos — The Party says Gore “does not understand the threat of global terror.” Limbaugh says those people in the Iraqi prison “seek to murder millions of Americans” — The Party says Gore should not ask for accountability in Iraq because when Gore was in office “Osama Bin Laden declared war on the United States five times and terrorists killed US citizens on at least four different occasions including the first bombing of the World Trade Center, the attacks on Khobar Towers, our embassies in East Africa, and the USS Cole.”

Limbaugh IS The Party.

One more thing. Limbaugh also equates “our adversaries in Europe” with “our enemies in the caves of Afghanistan and the allies of Iraq.” This is not “fringe” Republican thought, it comes up over and over. Here, for example. (Ledeen is one of the architects of the Iraq war.) It comes up in The Party’s treatment of France and the United Nations, as well as Bush’s threats against Mexico.

It’s just lies, which they try to cover by accusing Gore of being the liar.

The question is, how far these people will take this? The question is, what are they capable of doing to achieve and hold on to power? Remember, they have taken it all the way to war in Iraq. Watch your backs.