They Created The Deficits. It Isn’t ABOUT Deficits.

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“Watch what we do, not what we say” — famous quote from a Nixon official, explaining that they make up the stuff they say to distract and divert people from understanding what they are doing.
They say they are trying to cut deficits. They are doing something else entirely. Remember, they created the deficits, on purpose, so they could use them now to get what they want. Remember, Bush said his deficits were “incredibly positive news.” Remember, Reagan said it was about “cutting the government’s allowance.” They created the deficits, on purpose.
Now, with their “strategic deficits” ruining us, corporate conservatives have whipped the public into a deficit-fear hysteria. They are using that hysteria to push through dramatic changes to our country that have nothing whatsoever to do with deficits, and even in many cases make the deficits worse. It isn’t about deficits.
In Wisconsin they claimed they were outlawing public-employee unions as a deficit-fighting measure — after the unions had given in on every demand to cut pay and benefits. The plan was to defund the unions, not to cut deficits. They only said it was about deficits, as cover. It wasn’t about deficits. They used the deficits as a smokescreen to get what they really want.
In Washington they are using a supposed deficit fight to defund the EPA and Planned Parenthood and public broadcasting and so many other things that We, the People (government) do for each other. They are proposing to abolish Medicare! They want to privatize or at least cripple Social Security. They are gutting Medicaid, Food Stamps and regulatory enforcement. They say it is to cut the deficit. It isn’t about deficits. They created the deficits to get them to this point.
And as we go through these fights over “deficits” do not ever forget that they just finished passing even more huge tax cuts for the rich. It isn’t about deficits.
They say it is about deficits, they do something else entirely. They always say it is about whatever the public is stirred up about, and then push for their agenda. Always. It’s what they do.
“Nothing is more important in the face of war than cutting taxes”Tom DeLay, 2003
If the public was all worried about green cheese on the moon they would be saying that the way to fight green cheese on the moon is to defund unions, abolish Medicare, get rid of regulations, cut taxes on the rich, etc. Don’t be distracted, don’t be diverted. It isn’t about deficits. They created the deficits
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3 thoughts on “They Created The Deficits. It Isn’t ABOUT Deficits.

  1. Yeah. It was “They”, the evil “Them” who caused Obama to run a deficit in February that was nearly as big as Bush’s biggest yearly deficit.
    You take your lithium lately?

  2. Except that whenever anybody asks average Americans what they’re most concerned about, the answer is “jobs”. Only politicians and pundits talk hysterically about “deficits”, because giving people jobs gives them pride — and if the American people ever get our pride back, the super-rich will get a violent pay cut.

  3. Bush’s last deficit was $1.4 TRILLION.
    He took office with a surplus, turned it into a massive deficit.

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