"They are trying to to convince us to lose faith in John Kerry"

From a reader:

I approached the debate tonight with a lot of anxiety because I knew that the media would be merciless if Kerry made any mistake and would forgive Bush anything.

John Kerry could not have done a better job. No matter how it gets spun by the Bush people or the media, Kerry had the best performance I have seen in a debate, and I have been watching since Kennedy Nixon.

There have been a number of times in the campaign when the media story was, “Everything depends on Kerry not fucking this one up” from Iowa to the choice of VP to the acceptance speech. In each case he did the right thing, hit it out of the park and guess what, the next day the story was something different.

We have to remember that the Republican lies are not just for their base and the undecided, they are also trying to undermine our faith in John Kerry.

That is what is behind the media narratives about losing the women’s votes, the security moms, the “likely voters” who happen to be 10 points more Republican than any turnout has ever shown. That is why all the NY Times stories are process stories about how effective the Bush campaign is and how much Kerry is struggling. When the Dems out register Republicans 10 to one, it gets buried in the middle of a story about how there seems to be a lot of new voters. Try to find the last positive news article about Kerry in the NY Times, the ultimate so called liberal media.

It is all lies, They are trying to to convince us to lose faith in John Kerry. Well John Kerry may lose as will the rest of the country and the planet but he has my trust and faith.

After the debate, I went to the nearest computer and donated money. Then I came home to write this.