They ARE Speaking Out

From a Kos diary: If a Senate Minority Leader Gives a Speech,

… to the National Press Club, a major policy speech, and hardly anybody reports it, has he made a sound?
[. . .] CNN? Nothing.
Fox News? Nothing.

MsNBC? Nothing.
ABC? Nothing.
CBS? Nothing.
New York Times? Nothing.
Washington Post? Nothing?
Sometimes, many of us are quick to criticize our Democratic leaders for not being aggressive enough, for not stating what their positive goals are for the country, instead of merely outlining their opposition to the Republican agenda.
But in truth doesn’t the fault primarily lie with our illustrious media? The same media that accepted the propaganda that led us to the Iraq quagmire. That gave the Swift Boat Vets all the free PR they could ask for to slander and lie about John Kerry’s military career. That time and time again has dropped the ball regarding, or simply ignored, stories of Bush’s deceits and Republican scandals like Gannongate, Valerie Plame, The Medicaire Prescription Drug Boondoggle, the Downing Street Minutes, Tom Delay’s ethics, ad infinitum.
Isn’t our media as much or more to blame as our Democratic leadership for the spread of this profoundly undemocratic Repblican hegemony?

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I wrote about this yesterday.

A lot of bloggers, readers here and commenters at other blogs complain that the Democrats don’t speak out enough. I think what is going on is that they are speaking out, every day, and the media is not covering it.

Bloggers, let’s get on this. Our readers shouldn’t be blaming the Democrats for this.

12 thoughts on “They ARE Speaking Out

  1. If a tree falls and…yeah we got that and no, no one is listening.At least not where I live.There is a great deal of news out there but really only if you start digging on your own and no one I know does that.Well actually, maybe one person I know besides myself does do that.Lucky her…she lives in a metro area and actually has people at work she can talk to and forward on to things of interest.Not me.Not where I live.I live in a vacuum.At least as far as I can tell and people do look to the mainstream media for their news and tend to belive what they hear.
    I agree that the message isn’t getting out there unless you are looking for it and if you are…you are already there.Doesn’t matter anyway.

  2. Actually, Dave, you’re wrong. Democrats should be blamed. Did you see Joe Madison’s crushing answer to your claim during John Conyers’s pretend hearing?
    He said (roughly): If they won’t print what you say, do something else! Twenty of you take a copy of the “Downing Street memo”, and together walk down the center of the street to the front door of the Washington Post. Demand to speak to the editor. DEMAND IT! Scream it.
    I agree with him. What better things do they have to do? Nothing. Literally nothing. Why not a hundred of them? Walking down to the Post and DEMANDING that the real issues be covered. Do it every single fucking day. Stop traffic. Put up tents in front of the place. What better things do they have to do? NOTHING.

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