There Is No More Rule Of Law

Rep. John Conyers has a Kos diary up, Daily Kos :: Investigating John Kerry Post-Haste, While Condoleezza Rice Goes to the Back Burner.
Here’s a summary. The Office of Special Counsel has purged their career personnel and replaced them with Republican partisans. They refuse to investigate complaints against Republicans, while initiating investigations of Democrats. They won’t even respond to letters from Democratic members of Congress asking what is going on.
The Party is using the power of the government itself to perpetuate one-party rule. And who is going to do anything about this? The Congress? The Justice Department? There is no one left in a position to do anything about things like this.

5 thoughts on “There Is No More Rule Of Law

  1. God, I hate this shit. And did you catch that post over at Atrios’ blog about the New Democratic Coalition backing the bankruptcy bill. Are these people on crack? The GOP is turning the country into a single-party state and these “moderates” are still talking about bipartisanship? Hah! The GOP has your bipartisanship right here.

  2. I’m against whining about these things. Let them get rid of the filibuster. Let them pack the government with partisans. Let them never investigate anything. Let them stonewall everything. Vote along with them for these things.
    Look, when the country starts to crack up completely (housing bubble, energy mega-crisis, balance of payments catastrophe, etc., etc.) only two things can happen: descent into genuine gas chamber fascism (by far the more likely outcome) or a political reversal to unabashed socialism. In the unlikely but glorious event of the latter, I want nothing, NOTHING, standing in the way to fixing this country. I want everything the repugs have and MUCH MORE. Stop whining. We’re gonna need these things. And we’re gonna use them.
    They aren’t wrong because of their methods. They’re wrong because of their beliefs and their goals. The only thing they’ve got right is their commitment to victory.

  3. Oh, great! In the unlikely event we avoid the Hitler scenario, we can look forward to Stalin? Fantastic!
    Personally, I have no use for “unabashed socialism” — although I admit that it is so vague a term that it could refer to virtually anything. I am an old-fashioned centrist. I just want well-regulated capitalism, sprinkled with small doses of socialism where the market fails (e.g. providing health care). However, unlike the self-proclaimed centrists of the Democratic leadership, I recognize, as you do, that if the pendulum swings back it is likely to keep swinging a long way.

  4. Oh, great! In the unlikely event we avoid the Hitler scenario, we can look forward to Stalin? Fantastic!
    No way! I’m a Robespierre fan. You have NOTHING to worry about.

  5. Don’t resist because we will use it against them later?

    That’s the biggest laugh I’ve had today.

    RESIST or let these ass-clowns takeover FOR REAL.

    We have state power still, and that’s what we need to be amping up. 28 states have lost their recount rights, and we need to get them back. No amount of letting the pig sit on our heads is going to get that done.

    Jesse Jackson Jr’s 28th amendment (right to vote) is something we need to start demanding out loud. Btw, I heard we have affidavits from Ohio election officials declaring that the election was stolen — the JD wasn’t interested in investigating, just like the last one (Aschroft was required by law to investigate Florida after the USCRC found a prima facie case of racial discrimination — he did nothing, and there was no one to call him on it).

    “Give them enough rope…” theory has been a Senate staple for a long time, but it’s not how it works on our end of the equation. You gotta fight, today, tomorrow, and until they bastards are run into the gutter of history, or you can kiss your sweet rights goodbye for fifty-sixty years, by which time the biosphere will be so degraded that your children will have flippers.

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