’s Voter Guide and Ad Campaign

This is from Campaign for America’s Future:
In the last Congress:
· Who thought seniors would be better off with a coupon than Medicare? (H.R. 112)?
· Who voted to give millionaires a $160,000 tax cut? (H.R. 8)
· Who tried to kill the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau by the back door? (H.R. 1315)
Do your legislators stand with the middle class – or do they stand with the special interests? Are they on your side or on your neck?
That’s why we created the Voter Guide. Elected officials need to know that voting against the middle class is a danger to their political health.
In less than a week over 300,000 people heard about this tool through Google Adwords. Our click-through rate was many times industry average. In an election year, this is an exceptional result.
Twelve “Middle Class Zeros” are in “tossup” races according to the Cook Political Report. Voter Guide provides crucial information for voters before they go to the polls.
In the last days before the election, undecided voters are starting to tune in. When they look for information, we can help them. Can you help us reach them with this important message?
· For $20 we can reach 6,000 people with search engine ads.
· For $50 we can reach up to 20,000 with banner ads.
· For $200 we can place large visual ads on major online news sites.*
Click here to donate now.
The “Middle Class Zeros” in contested races need to know that someone is watching. With your help, we can all hold them accountable.
Thanks for all you do,
Isaiah J. Poole
Director of Online Communications
Campaign for America’s Future
P.S.: Those twelve “Middle Class Zeros” are:
Judy Biggert
Brian Bilbray
Daniel Lungren
Mike Coffman
Jeff Denham
Allen West
Dan Benishek
Chip Cravaack
Joe Heck
Frank Guinta
Nan Hayworth
Francisco Canseco
* This is the ad we ran in Politico!