The Word is "Sanity"

I’ve been trying to write about my trip to England. Between work and jet lag and other things I’ve been writing about and everything else I’ve realized I’m going to write a very short piece about this.

The word is “sanity.”

In Europe they take actual vacations from work; I think 4-6 weeks is considered a basic right. The work week in England is 35 hours. They get real pensions. Their CEOs do not steal all the money and then lay everyone off. British news covers actual news about what is going on in their country and the world. (Compare that to American television and newspapers.) If you are unemployed you don’t lose your house or starve. Their TV shows aren’t saturated with commercials and sex and violence. You don’t have to worry about getting shot. And they have HEALTH CARE – don’t even get me started on that! THEIR COUNTRY IS FOR THEM! THEIR ECONOMY IS FOR THEM!

But the most obvious difference is on the roads. All the cars are so much smaller, and, of course, that’s immediately obvious and overwhelming as soon as you leave the airport. I think I saw maybe four SUVs in a week. If a car is larger than an American Honda Civic it stands out. I really think that if a person said they wanted an SUV they would be referred to a mental health clinic — by the dealer!

So thinking about that it came to me – the word is “sanity.” Coming back from England and comparing the two countries, America really does seem to have gone insane.