The wit and wisdom of Chad Castagana

One Chad Castagana has been arrested for sending fake anthrax letters to Keith Olberman and several other liberals. According to the news story, “in some cases, the threatening letters included expressions such as “Death to Demagogues’ and references to Alan Berg, a Jewish talk radio host murdered by white supremacists in Denver in 1984, the document said.”
A Chad Castagana Google tells us that Chad is a slasher-movie, science-fiction-movie and electronics buff with an interest in Katherine Harris and Chandra Levy.
On Harris:

Congresswoman Katherine Harris is a remarkable lady !
She has perservered a lot to advance the Conservative Cause .
We Red-Bloooded Americans are obligated to support her, siritualy, not just politically !

On bacteriological disaster movies:

Yes , you nailed the point there – the failure of
logic you see in these ‘Outbreak’ and ‘The Stand’
movies ,,
If a desease is so deadly and fast , then the
carrier is dead before he can travel around and
transmit the germ to others . .

His lengthiest work is on the plague of PC in science fiction movies:

With the passing away of Lexx ends an intriguing albeit smarmy experiment in sci-fantasy. One that breaks with conventions, or should I say, cliches of TV sci-fi of the ’90s. The politically correct pabulum, the multicultural indoctrination, the Bladerunner motifs, and not the least—the steroid mutated superbabes that can punch the lights out of men, but never get punched back in return!?
How about creating a new sci-fi anthology with none of the puerile baggage of Rod Serling, Gene Roddenberry, Rockne O’ Bannon, etc., etc. It is time to end their reign of Left-wing innuendo, their anti-American, anti-mankind cynicism and fatalism.
Let us create a future of infinite possibilities devoid of the agenda of the social engineers who work their corruption on us through the one-way world of television (kind of how the liberal-left have always worked). A world where anything is possible but not everything is possible. Anything can happen, but not all things can happen at once. That is what time is for, to keep all things from happening at the same moment. That shall be the only rule of our new fantasy world. That an event happens only once. What has been done, cannot be undone. There is no turning back the sands of time. You can review the past but you cannot change the past. That a vision of a possible future, to the present, must be taken in the context of the present. A cosmos not governed by compassion or tolerance or equality, but common sense and merit. A universe of strange and totally new lifeforms and not distorted reflections of human characters in our present world, just to make some social allegory—that is the insipid barren road of Political Correctness that sci-fi entertainment has been a slave to for so many years.
The future is not the current events of our world thrown into outer space. The future is not with the Liberals, not with the Multiculturalists (both hate America), and it is certainly not to be found in Canada! The future is not written, the future is unformed.

Castagana is innocent until proven guilty, of course, and it also remains possible that there are two Chad Castagana loons out there, only one of whom is a terrorist. And of course, it’s hurtful and wrong to ridicule our mentally-defective Republican brothers and sisters. Mea maxima culpa.
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