The Wingnuts Apparently Will Believe ANYthing

So now the wingnuts are trying to claim that the House health care reform plan makes private insurance illegal.
It’s all over the RW blogosphere. Little children chasing a soccer ball, all terrified that the boogey-man is coming.
They are pointing to a provision that outlaws the OLD kinds of private plans that trick people out of their coverage once they get sick using pre-existing conditions, etc. The NEW plans from private insurers will have NEW rules that protect the people who buy them. For example new plans must have caps on what a person has to pay out themselves so no one goes bankrupt anymore. They can’t refuse to pay when someone gets sick because they didn’t tell the insurance company that they had acne when they were a teenager (yes insurance companies do refuse to pay because of that now.)
No wonder no one takes them seriously anymore.
Oh, and please read some of the comments at the referenced sites.

1 thought on “The Wingnuts Apparently Will Believe ANYthing

  1. Oh boy, I guess they are exhibiting willful ignorance.
    One of the posts you link to discusses the uninsured.
    The ridiculous thing is, we are already paying for the uninsured, and out of our noses.
    A friend of mine has worked as ER doctor at several NY hospitals. A full 80% of people occupying space in the ER facility are chronically ill, but without health insurance. The only way they get treatment is through ER, so sometimes these poor sods wait until their condition is serious enough for an emergency, and at other times they actually injure themselves so they can get into ER.
    The tax payers are, of course, already paying for this.
    Remember: 80%.
    (Worth remembering that the 80% is the occupancy of ER, not the percentage of people going through. However, from the point of view of cost to the hospital, it is the 80% that matters the most, by far.)
    Any ‘uninsured’ person who gets proper care, possibly even preventative care, won’t be draining the extremely expensive ER facilities we pay for.

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