The Unity Party – Meet In The Middle?

Chris at Open Left talks about the “need” for a “middle” party of Unity”

. . . over the last five years, Democrats in Congress have only blocked the following pieces of legislation:
* Three conservative judges (out of several dozen)
* Privatization of Social Security
* Retroactive immunity for telecom companies in the warrantless spying program.
* Legislation to deport millions of illegal aliens
Given that these are the only conservative pieces of legislation that Democrats in Congress have blocked in the past five years, one must assume that a “government of national unity” means a government that will confirmation 100% of all conservative judges, the destruction of social security, retroactive immunity of telecom companies, and the mass deportation of twelve million people. If this third-party did not favor these things, then there would be absolutely no need to form “a government of national unity.” Those four things are the sum total of what Democrats in Congress have prevented Republicans from passing, and thus are the entirety of what Democrats have contributed to “gridlock in Washington.” Every other reform has been blocked by Republicans.

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