4 thoughts on “The Two Most Beautiful Women In America

  1. What about Amy Goodman and Mizan (Kirby) Nunes?????
    Still haven’t seen Democracy Now!, ?
    Dish TV channel 9415, FSTV Free Speech Television.
    check it out.
    You can probably hear Democracy Now! on your local NPR station, if not, call ’em and demand it.

  2. PS. I think Amy Goodman had Sheehan on D.N several times at least before other indi outlets started covering the story.
    I think it was because of the coverage on Democracy Now! that the story caught fire.
    Touring with Phil Donahue and Bill Moyers and receiving just as much adoration as the two journalist legends did woke a lot of people up to the popularity and influence of Ms. Goodman & Co.
    Randi Rhodes is a whiner by comparison.

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