The truth about Republicans

I have three sound reasons for despising Senator Biden. The first is his singular role in passing the legislative abomination that was called bankruptcy reform. The second reason is that he is a warmonger lite Democrat who has been spinelessly supportive of Bush’s Iraq war. The third reason I despise Senator Biden is that he continually refers to George Bush as a “good man.” George Bush is not a good man and Senator Biden is contemptible for saying he is.
Duckman over at The Left Coaster has an article that should be required reading for every Democrat. Patriots and the GOP.

First, the warm up:

Well, I’ve pretty much had it the bushco regime. Really, really, really, had it.
I’m tired of trying to decide who I hate more, which is the greater outrage, what has caused the greatest harm to my country.

Then the smackdown, which is music to the ears of any true patriot:

Frankly, they’re the sum of the parts, the slimy, fetid, pustulent leaking cardboard box of them, the skeletel, blue-white arm of coulter dangling over the edge, the pasty faced doughboys like rover and newtie and denny and spinnin scottie hanging over that edge and vomiting their filth down the sides, the pompous, bleating lies echoing from the box from big time dick, robertson, limbaugh, hume, like the death rattles from the dungeons of the Spanish Inquisition. All cut from the same smallpox infested cloth.

Enough is known about the role of Karl Rove, and other White House operatives, to say with finality that there is treason afoot in the Bush administration. Any Republican or conservative who attempts to deny it is no patriot.
Any Republican or conservative who attempts to deny that there is sufficient evidence of treason to merit a full scale investigation, that may very well lead to impeachment, is putting politics and ideology above love of country.

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  1. I’ve always subscribed to the notion that the epitomy of the writting craft is in the ability to thoroughly curse … out without resorting to profanity.

  2. That is precisely why I have so much admiration for Duckman’s post. It is a true work of art.

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