The Surge

The right’s big thing now is to claim that “the surge is working.”
OK, fine. It’s working. Does that mean the troops come how now?
If now, then what does “working” mean? Does “working” mean that the troops stay in Iraq? Was that the goal of the surge?
Why are they in Iraq, again? Oh yeah, to find the WMD, to get Saddam out of power, or whatever reasons they are giving this week…

2 thoughts on “The Surge

  1. No, it’s not “fine.” The surge isn’t working, the Sadr cease-fire is. The best that could be said for the surge is that it happened to come along when the cease-fire dramatically reduced violence, and I’m sure the extra troops helped. But the surge was not the cause for the drop in violence.
    It is strange that a few days ago, when Sadr extended the cease fire, the stories reporting on it correctly identified it as being the reason for the drop in violence–but once people forget about the cease-fire news, suddenly the surge is responsible for it all.

  2. Whatever the reality in Iraq, it is irrelevant to the perception & spin. Like religion, the belief is not amenable to reason so all the evidence in the world to the contrary may be assembled but when a mind (sic!) is made up, facts do not disturb.
    The incoming Dem (if it is to be) will be left to deal with a far worse situation, in the entire ME in general and Iraq specifically, the the present artificial calm/ceasefire.

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