The Stuff I Come Across

I spend a good part of each day researching the Right on the web. Sometimes its for articles, sometimes for reports, sometimes for pieces I post here. I’m currently doing research (not on the Right, for once) for a union project. Anyway, all of this has me reading a lot of stuff written by right-wingnuts and their organizations. I’m immersed in it, and I “have my arms around” a certain amount of it… But the extent of it, and the intensity of it … even I am continually shocked, depressed, disillusioned, discouraged, stunned, horrified and terrified by what’s going on out there.

But I digress. 😉 I want to share with you something I came across this morning. I’m sharing it because I think it helps explain the mindset of anti-Semitism. This is NOT (I think) reflective of the mainstream Christian Right’s thinking, it’s by (apparently) an actual fringe wingnut (I hope) – as contrasted with the mainstream Right wingnuts that many who don’t know better THINK are the fringe. If you start reading this, it’s sort of hilarious and saddening at the same time. From the “Caucasian Pride Report” here is A Report To The People:

“Between the Christians whose beliefs and faith are in God and the Son of God; and the Jews who are devotees and followers of Satan there is nothing capable of existing together. Those who espouse the Judeo-Christian lies betray God and Jesus Christ, the Son of God. They must remain absolutely separate.

As I wrote more than 20 years ago in my book, `There’s a Fish in the Courthouse,’ quote, “Ages and ages ago the world’s wickedness began. Satan offered the Jews the secret of acquiring great wealth and political power, but in return they must accept him as their leader. Upon the acceptance of his evil contract Satan impregnated into Jews a primordial, bestial lust for gold and power. It was their inexorable curse struck with the mark of Cain, the evil ways established by Satan worked fine for the Jews. As the years passed they became wealthier and more powerful. Then Jesus Christ, son of God, the Savior appeared. Entering into the Jews Temples he toppled their idols of gold and denounced the evils of murder and usury.

“Raging at this intrusion into their lucrative, well organized rackets the Jews screamed for Satan’s protection. Obeying Satan’s order of covert intrigue and vicious lies they conspired to kill Christ. For gold, the Savior was betrayed, the Jews perpetrated their ultimate crime. On Mount Calvary, blood flowing from hands and feet cruelly spiked to the wooden cross, Christ was crucified. A sight that can never be forgotten or forgiven, except by God himself, father of Jesus Christ. Upon his death the Jews were stricken suddenly, not by remorse but by uncertainty. They’d been enticed by Satan’s sly words, `Seize the wealth of the world, steal, kill and lie. Sate yourselves lavishly, fear no spiritual punishment for `believe me,’ there is no here-after, you have no soul, when you die you are dead. This is the secret of your power. Now go, propagate, teach your off-spring in our ways to perpetuate themselves as possessors of all wealth.’ A psychalgiac dread smote the Jews, they’d been tricked. Satan had said, ‘When you die you are dead.’ Though they could control the wealth of the universe, shadowy, brooding wings of death constantly hovered over the Jews while Christians had eternal life in the here-after.”

Anyway, it goes on and on. There are several websites that reference this guy or his book… Scary stuff.