The STF Rule

At TalkLeft, Global Electronic Surveillance for Dummies,

The United States has fewer than 5,000 spies operating around the world, for example, but 30,000 eavesdroppers.

I left the following comment:

Remember the “Clipper chip” controversy, where the right-wingers stopped the Clinton administration from certifying a standard encryption chip that would be built into our phones and computers? They claimed that encryption would ENABLE the government to listen in! So now none of our phone calls or e-mails are encrypted and pretty much anyone can listen in.

The STF rule: If Republicans are accusing others, it means they are DOING it! They accused the Clinton administration of wanting to listen in on everyone’s conversations. So today no one has encryption, with the result that anyone can listen in. (Explain again how putting encryption into phones and computers lets the government listen in? A lot of smart people actually bought into that one.)