The Soviet Threat

A quick comment. FISA comes from a time when we were in the Cold War with the Soviet Union. By saying that we are fighting a “new kind of war” and that the terrorist threat is so serious that he has to set aside the existing laws, Bush is saying that this is worse than the threat we faced from the Soviet Union. Laws like FISA were put in place to help us keep our liberties while dealing with the threat we faced from the Soviets.
But the Soviet Union was a superpower: a modern, industrial, oil-rich state with a sophisticated national intelligence apparatus, a massive military infrastructure, millions of soldiers and sailors and tens of thousands of nuclear weapons and the missiles, submarines and airplanes with which to deliver them.
Think about what Bush is saying about the threat we face, compared with the threat we faced in the Cold War.
Bush’s words are trees that distract us. See the forest. It’s just fear, handed to us by leaders who want control. This is nothing even remotely as serious as the threat from the Soviets. Bush pumps it up to terrorize us, and keep the public under Republican domination.

2 thoughts on “The Soviet Threat

  1. The premise in all this that WE ARE AT WAR. Sorry, that is Bushit.
    Wars happen between states. Some criminals attacked us. We knocked over a state that was harboring them but made no effective move to catch the actual culprits.
    We briefly made war on Iraq and knocked out its state apparatus. There is no legitimate replacement and we are now an occupying power trying to put down a nationalist reistance — not a war, but an occupation.
    THERE IS NO WAR in any meaningful sense, so there certainly are no wartime powers vested in the Commander in Chief.

  2. That’s absolutely correct. The claim that we are at war is pure bullshit. We’re “at war” in the same sense as we’re “at war’ in the War on Drugs, or the War Against Cancer. There’s a difference between metaphor and actual fact.

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