The Smear

I’ve been very busy today, but have checked in to right-wing radio and news a bit, only to find that the Kerry smear is the ONLY story. Today they are portraying the Swift Boat Veterans, the organization DOING the smearing, as VICTIMS of smears and unfair attacks. Their regular talking points are that Democrats are trying to shout them down, smear them, etc…

Here are some more smear-related stories:

Swimming From Cambodia

“John Kerry is desperately trying to slide safely away from the collapse of his “Christmas in Cambodia” fairy tale. Two embarrassing “failures of memory” now permanently scar Senator Kerry’s campaign to gain trust and demonstrate strength as he tries to move from war hero to war president.

In March, reliable witnesses came forward who placed John Kerry at a November 1971 Kansas City meeting where the Vietnam Veterans Against the War secretly voted on a proposal to kill six pro-war senators. This appeared especially odd because Kerry had told two historians, Gerald Nicosia and Douglas Brinkley, that he was not there and that he had resigned from the organization before the meeting was held. He denied eyewitnesses’ accounts as well, even when six witnesses had appeared, several of whom were working for his presidential campaign.”

Kerry Made False Cambodia Claim 50 Times

“It won’t be all that easy for John Kerry to revise his demonstrably false claim that he spent Christmas 1968 in Cambodia, since he’s on the record more than 50 times making the assertion, according to former Vietnam Swift Boat commander John O’Neill.”

Christmas in Cambodia?

“Kerry’s Christmas-in-Cambodia claims were first noted in the widely read on Aug. 6. As this is written, on Aug. 13, not a word about them has appeared in The New York Times or The Washington Post, nor have they been discussed much or at all on ABC, CBS or NBC News. This is a vivid contrast with the treatment by these news organizations of the charges — false charges — by Michael Moore and Democratic Chairman Terry McAuliffe that George W. Bush was AWOL while in the National Guard.”

Kerry’s quagmire:

“If Kerry didn’t fabricate, he exaggerated. Or misspoke. Or got confused. Or something. But whatever the differences among versions, the story is part of a larger narrative that may matter more than the details.

It is a story of naked ambition and grandiosity, the narrative of a self-absorbed man who always needed to be best and first, whether captain of the boat in Vietnam or winner of the debate in school. Who, when accidentally knocked off his snowboard as an adult fumed, “I don’t fall down.”

Democrat Attacks Help Swift Boat Veterans for Truth Raise Money

“Rather than address the substance of the organization’s charges, which are backed by 254 riverboat vets, many of whom served alongside Kerry in Vietnam, Kerry’s campaign falls back on the hackneyed claim of a “vast right-wing conspiracy.”

And new smears emerge:

Kerry: I Wouldn’t Respond to Nuclear Attack

“John Kerry told Democrats gathered in Boston two weeks ago that he defended his country as a young soldier in Vietnam and he would defend it again as president.

But as Michael Dukakis’ lieutenant governor, Kerry authored an executive order that said the state of Massachussetts would refuse to take part in any civil defense efforts in response to a nuclear attack on America.”

Brothers band together against Kerry

“After three months of combat, Kerry had collected enough film footage for his political campaigns, so he went home. He even shot three different endings to the episode where he chases down a VC guy after test audiences thought Kerry shooting a wounded teenager in the back was too much of a “downer.” After filming his last staged exploit, Kerry reportedly told a buddy, “That’s a wrap. See you at the convention in about 35 years.”

AIM Report: Kerry Subverted Reagan’s Pro-Freedom Policies

“While Kerry was trying to defeat aid to the Contras through a smear campaign, Senator Tom Harkin and several liberal House members were raising money for pro-Sandinista and other communist front organizations in the region. One such group, “Medical Aid for El Salvador,” provided surgery for a captured communist guerrilla leader whose organization had assassinated U.S. Embassy Marine guards in El Salvador in 1985.”

So the question is, when does the Kerry campaign move to stamp these out. Even if he wins, these stories show the intensity of the internal opposition he will face. This is about more than winning this election, these right wing nutcases are fomenting nothing less than civil war.