The Secret CIA Program

It is “leaking” that the secret program was to assassinate Al Queda leaders.
How convenient. We’re being told that this was something that no one would object to, that in fact everyone will say “Why would those sissy, terrorist-loving Democrats want to stop THAT? Dick Cheney is a hero for this.”
Of course this isn’t the secret program. Don’t fall for it.

2 thoughts on “The Secret CIA Program

  1. Ooooh! What is the REAL program? I’m so glad to know that a FAR(gone)lefty knows the real scoop! Thank goodness!
    Dave ol boy, you must truly live in your own little world full of conpiracy and hate. Blind hatred for anything and anyone remotely having to do with “Republican.” Every single thing you say is peppered with snarky and not even terribly creative remarks. The things you come up with are pretty obviously heroic attempts to defend or draw attention from real issues that make the Democratic look badly. Too far gone to do any good for ANYONE. I can respect a Dem. I cannot respect you. Open your eyes and mind past the stereotypes and try spreading something other than pure, unadulterated hate. Truly. Move on or move out — you’re just taking up space.

  2. That first comment is a laugh. Ignore them, because I’ve been reading your blog for several months and I think yours is one of the best in the blogosphere. “Seeing the forest” is the perfect name for this site, because you encourage your reader to see the forest instead of getting distracted by the trees.
    I think you’re right; it’s essentially the same strategy they tried to use when the warrantless surveillance program was first revealed; saying that it was only known terrorists.
    Additionally, I am just a little bit tired of hearing conservatives attack others for the very things they are themselves guilty of. See the comment above. Pure projection.

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