The Right’s Power Over Minds

Update – OK, stupid title. Should have been something like “The Power Of Words”
I don’t see how any rational person can think that a plan to set timelines for withdrawing our forces and turning things over to the Iraqis themselves is in any way “abandoning the troops” but there you have it — the power of the right to influence people’s minds.
I have been telling anyone who would listen (and shouting at the backs of the rest) that the battle for this country is nowhere near over yet — that just because the Republicans no longer control the House and Senate our problems are not solved. And I have been saying that taking the White House in 2008 is no where near a sure thing — the right is strong, organized, has all the money in the world and is capable of saying and doing anything to keep power. The more their backs are to the wall the more dangerous they are.
Today we have some evidence of their power over minds. They were able to twist the plan to turn the occupation over to the Iraqi government into an almost universal acceptance – in Washington – that this would mean “abandoning the troops.”
The 2008 election is not going to be pretty. Watch your backs.

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  1. No, what we have here is another demonstration of the utter cravenness of the democrats. How can ANYONE vote for them? Cowards, incompetents, corporate stooges — all of them.

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