The Right Declares Absolute War On 9/11 Questions

New York Post Editorial: NATIONAL DISGRACE:

“The national 9/11 commission has been hijacked by political shills — men and women eager to subordinate truth to partisan advantage; who hold a transitory victory on Election Day more dear than American victory in the war on terror.

Tawdry ambition has eclipsed sacred duty; all Americans are diminished, but none more than the families of the 9/11 victims — who expect better from the commission, and certainly deserve it.

Unless it is the thousands of young Americans now under arms in Iraq and elsewhere; their bravery and devotion to duty is inspirational. How shameful that the commission attack dogs hold their sacrifices so cheaply.

And John F. Kerry, who presumes to the presidency, acquiesces. What a disgrace. “

There’s more. It is incredibly divisive and intending to inflame Bush supporters to a hateful frenzy. Watch your backs.