The Republican Plan On Obama — “Us” vs “Them” He One of Us?::By Patrick J. Buchanan. Buchanan lays out the basic story that the Republicans are going to try to tell in this campaign. Read the whole thing. Buchanan is telling it like it is for the Republicans, and lays out what they are going to do:

Journalists disagree on whether immigration, Iraq or the economy will be the major issue in 2008. The real issue may be — and this is what is causing heart palpitations among Democrats — is Barack Obama one of us, or is he one of them?

This is going to be one nasty, racist, smearing, fear-mongering campaign. It’s all they have.
And from the comments:
“Hundreds of white Yankee Soldiers died for freedom for blacks and they never thank anyone.”

2 thoughts on “The Republican Plan On Obama — “Us” vs “Them”

  1. It has started with the Hamas bull. I bet you Al-Qaeda will endorse Obama if they could make another video from a cave somewhere in “allied” Pakistan. Because they know how to use reverse psychology (you idiot, McCain). How do you get your enemy to do what you want them to do? Tell them the opposite. Want war? Then endorse the one guy from the “enemy” who wants peace. McDrain and the gang please note – Hamas is playing you like a little toy drum. And you are walking to their beat. McPain should wake up and think a little bit more. Think. Think. What do Al-Qaeda want? What do you think Hamas want? Chaos so they can recruit more. Anarchy so they can continue a mindless war. They want one thing and will tell you the opposite. You think you can trust what they tell you? They are playing you for a fool. You played into their hands in Iraq. And you are going to play into their hands again. You stupid, stupid man. 2008/ 04/ 26/ i-angry-african-endorse-mccain/

  2. This is going to be one nasty, racist, smearing, fear-mongering campaign. It’s all they have.

    No Dave, it is all you have, and this instance upon identity politics will be your downfall. Powder it up all you want, but until Obama addresses just why he was cozy with racist Wright and terrorist Ayers, your spin works only works with those enjoying your peculiar ‘noise machine’.

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