The RealDVD Situation

I have been following the story of the lawsuit over RealDVD. Here are a few: Update on RealDVD vs MPAA, RealDVD and Movie Industry Again — And Bob Barr, Too, MPAA vs RealDVD — Why You Care, Times Change, Some Industries Don’t Want To
So here is recent news:
• On August 11th, U.S. District Court Judge Marilyn Hall Patel granted the movie industry’s request for a preliminary injunction barring the sale of RealDVD, software designed for copying a DVD to a computer hard drive for backup and portable personal use.
• The injunction was granted on the grounds that RealDVD, despite being one of the only commercial DVD-ripping software packages that respected copyright through use and copy restrictions, technically violated the 1998 Digital Millennium Copyright Act.
See: Agonist: Movie Industry Bent on Killing Itself Like Music Industry Did,

I haven’t blogged about this in a dog’s age, but when I realized that Real DVD had lost in court to the movie industry, I had to post something.
. . . Sure enough, as anyone could have predicted, Judge Patel ruled against Real DVD and by extension, against fair use, freedom of information and ultimately against the interest of the very media companies she ruled in favor of. When 90% of U.S. consumers believe they should be able to make backup copies of the DVDs they purchase, its a futile battle to try to prevent them from doing so.
And just as with Napster, whose centralized servers potentially gave the music industry greater control of how music was distributed online, Judge Patel has ruled illegal a product made by a legitimate company that offers STRONGER copy protection than that used on DVDs.

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1 thought on “The RealDVD Situation

  1. Gee, and people laughed at me when I bought three stand alone CD/DVD copiers in 2001, when I discovered that the first one totally ignored any tagging, new encryption or the number of copies that I made.
    Can’t hook it up to my Sony Microsoft based PC, but I have three other towers that totally ignore the rules.
    Extreme paranoia is one of my MINOR diagnoses.
    The funny thing is that it actually works to my advantage. If I wasn’t very very paranoid, I would have died a long time ago in a faraway land.

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