The Real Story: $87 Billion Middle Class Dollars

Yesterday, John wrote a very cogent piece about the whole “$87 billion dollar vote” controversy which got me thinking about how I would put an end to this issue and knock the republicans back on their heels at the same time…

Here’s what John Kerry needs to say:

“Let me set the record straight, there were two funding bills for this war.  I voted for the $87 billion to be taken out of the tax cut Bush & Cheney gave to their fat cat friends…  the republicans couldn’t tolerate that.

I voted against the republicans taking $87 billion right out of the pockets of middle-class Americans and against passing the bills on to our children.

My fellow Americans, the “war” was going to be funded no matter what —  I voted FOR the fiscally responsible course, the deficit-spending Republicans voted to pay for this war out of your pockets, with the school lunches and after-school programs for your kids, and by increasing your state and local taxes!”

Anything else is just playing word games and letting the republicans have a free ride

[Tip o’the hat and thanks to Dave Johnson for inviting me to guest blog here at STF. More on me at my own blog The Zeitgeist]