The Raid – In Case You Missed It

In case you missed Thomas’ post below, this is what life is like in Iraq:

Last time they had raided my aunts area, they took away four men on their street alone. Two of them were students in their early twenties- one a law student, and the other an engineering student, and the third man was a grandfather in his early sixties. There was no accusation, no problem- they were simply ordered outside, loaded up into a white pickup truck and driven away with a group of other men from the area. Their families haven’t heard from them since and they visit the morgue almost daily in anticipation of finding them dead.

5 thoughts on “The Raid – In Case You Missed It

  1. Where to start on commenting about Riverbend.
    I have been reading her blogs for awhile now, there was a lapse in her postings, glad to see her back though.
    She is an excellent writer, but she is a sunni and her posts are slanted,although she does give a good perspective on what is going on over there.
    I really doubt if that can happen here(if I’m reading what you are proposing right) I think Americans (even though misquided) would not tolerate the loss of rights that they are facing in Iraq, there are too many milita groups around and they are prepared if/when this happens here.
    I truly hope that this is not Americas future, but if it is, I for one am prepared

  2. Scorpio,
    I don’t understand how you justify your suspicions. America has fought overseas many times, and in some cases brought democracy as a result. Never have we built prison camps for the imprisonment of the populace, or taken the country’s assets. Even in the first Gulf War, we left a distastful dictator all the oil which belonged to his country. So in the spirit of this weblog’s heading “to investigate how the Right is beating the dems”, I offer this assessment of your thinking:
    Reason 1 why the Right is beating the dems:
    Many dems are paranoid. Their paranoia is obvious to a large percentage of the voting populace, and those voters are unwilling to hand power over to an unstable candidate or party.

  3. One of the “reasons” for gutting FEMA was the powerful conspiracy theory that FEMA was secretly building concentration camps. Conspiracy theories have a life of their own, and if the current theory isn’t that FEMA is doing it, someone else will be accused of building them.
    As for the “It can’t happen here” attitude, I’m afraid that yes, it can and to some extent it already is happening. I have no idea to what extent, but what I saw with my own eyes during the Republican Convention in New York was groups of people, presumably at least mostly US citizens, many of them children, were arrested, kept incognito in filthy abandoned bus depots without food, water, or even a place to sit except for the filthy floor covered with years of oil slick, their families unable to locate them for days in spite of the local law that anyone detained must be arraigned within 24 hours and anyone held longer than that without being arraigned must be immediately released. These people were allowed no civil rights, like having a lawyer, contacting their families, or that famous one phone call, certainly a minimal civil right. Frantic parents, in many cases my neighbors, were told no names were being released. What had these citizens done? In some cases they’d actually been demonstrating. In others, they’d merely been in the neighborhood. This sure looked like what’s going on in Iraq to me.

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