The Race Card

We learned this week that the McCain campaign had two ads ready to roll after Obama’s European trip. There was the one they ran, accusing Obama of playing basketball instead of visiting injured troops — and the one they didn’t run accusing Obama of visiting injured troops for political purposes.
This indicates the extent to which the McCain campaign is planning ahead, intending to play both sides of everything. And it reveals something important about yesterday’s accusation by McCain that Obama is “playing the race card.” It suggests that the recent racist “celebrity” ads linking Obama and white women were intended to trigger a response from Obama, so they could make this “race card” accusation.
Enabling this “race card” accusation was the real intent of the ads. This “race card” accusation lets McCain appear to be the victim while he runs racist ads. It’s a twofer.
Think about the meaning of “playing the race card.” The accusation that blacks “play the race card” taps into and amplifies working-class white resentment. It says that black people receive special treatment, have it easy, don’t have to work, get government handouts from liberals, while the politically-correct crowd jumps all over you just for trying to point out their true nature.
Accusing Obama of “playing the race card” goes back to the old racist line that black people are always complaining, nothing is good enough for them, and if white pepole try to get what’s theirs blacks will play the race card” and say you are taking from them because of their race.
This is only August and McCain’s campaign is working hard to divide us and inspire hatred. It is going to get a lot worse.