The Race Card

This post originally appeared at Open Left.
There is a big story out there, but not so big in the progressive blogosphere. For days now the Drudge Report has had a headline up, “OBAMA PLAYS RACE CARD”. Initially the big headline (but no siren), it is still there as a smaller headline. The headline links to Politico: Obama seeks to ‘reconnect…young people, African-Americans, Latinos, and women’ for 2010
Of course, the Politico story makes no “race card” claim.

Turning out those so-called “surge” voters — who turned out for the first time to back Obama, but who sat out gubernatorial races in New Jersey and Virginia last year — has become the Democrats’ central pre-occupation for the midterm elections, and the new Democratic effort to nationalize the election around Obama and his agenda mark an attempt to energize those voters.

Currently there are over 3000 comments to the Politico story, like:

“Pathetic…the very people who are his “base” are the ones who are the problem, the non-producers, the takers. These are the people who pay no taxes. Pathetic, absolutely pathetic.”

Ahhh, the opening shot to garner the Hispanic vote as they work their amnesty legislative blitzkrieg through Congress, continuing their Socialistic attack on the Republic.

The racist president at it again. This white hating man should be thrown from power now, he does not reprent the American people, he represents hatred.

And 3000 more like those. Of course it’s all over talk radio. Rush Limbaugh chimed in at length. And, of course, Fox News. Of course the RW blogs (scroll down to a list of other blogs just linking to this one post). Wash. Times.
So … was President Obama “playing the race card” by appealing to those who were first-time voters in 2008? Are women even a “race?” Are right-wingers idiots?
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