The Press Conference

I’m watching the press conference. I’m having so many reactions… I keep wanting to write about specific things Bush is saying… The admission that he has a list to call on, his focus-group-tested statement that oceans used to protect us (he’s never heard of ICBMs, or the British burning Washington DC?), his clear lie about WMDs combined with his statements that the Iraq war is really about changing the Middle-East, his bumbling, rambling manner, his inability to admit ANY kind of mistake… AND some of the reporters were asking actual questions – not tough but certainly more than they ever have.

But I’m going to See the Forest, not the trees, and say that I think I am watching history. I think there has never been a Presidential performance like this before, and I am including Reagan’s rambling answer in the Mondale debates, when his Alzheimer’s disease was beginning to have its effect.

I can not imagine that a reasonable adult could watch this performance without thinking that it would be best if the Republicans choose someone else as their candidate this year. Best for the country, best for the Republican Party, best for the world.