The President Betrayed Us

Yesterday I wrote that it was an obvious point of honor that a leader should resign if he takes a country to war for what turns out to have been a mistake – or a lie.

Bush went to war on a claim that Iraq was about to attack us with WMD. When it became clear there were no WMD the honorable thing to do would be to resign. War is serious business, and there is no room for mistakes – or lies. If you go to war over WMD and there aren’t WMD the right thing to do is step aside and let someome else take your place. Simple as that.

But what happened with Iraq is far worse than that.

Watching Bush’s speech yesterday I thought about something I wrote more than two years ago:

When the President of the United States tells you that there is a serious and imminent threat you don’t really have a choice. You just have to go along. Our LIVES depend on believing him. Even if you can’t see the threat it’s the President’s JOB to be looking out for it. … Maybe he knows something he can’t tell you. You don’t have a choice. And, most important, no president has ever betrayed that trust before and it is hard to imagine one so corrupt that he would.
But BEFORE, we had no choice, really, because we HAVE TO trust that when the President says there is a threat to our lives, he is telling the truth!
. . . Now that it’s over and we can look back and see what Bush did, it is absolutely essential for our own protection that we get Bush out of there. We can’t trust and believe him next time, and next time there might actually BE a threat!

Once a President abuses that essential trust, everything about our country and our “compact” with our government changes. It’s just like what happened with Katrina – these people really don’t care and really are not interested in protecting the public. That is not how they intend to use the power they have been given by us. I think that’s where we are today.
Look how Bush and the Right treat us. We are fellow Americans, but they view us as the enemy just as surely as the terrorists who attacked the country are the enemy. During his campaign Bush said “I am a uniter, not a divider.” But division is Bush’s trademark. It is his tool. Before the Iraq war Bush went to the Congress and asked them to stand with him against an imminent threat. And they supported him. Now, in his Veterans Day speech he used that support to further divide us. The speech was supposed to be a non-partisan American event, not a Republican Party rally. But the President used this setting to lash out at half the country, calling us traitors for questioning why we are “at war” in Iraq. Yes, his surrogates call us traitors – and now he does too. From the speech:

“The stakes in the global war on terror are too high, and the national interest is too important, for politicians to throw out false charges. (Applause.) These baseless attacks send the wrong signal to our troops and to an enemy that is questioning America’s will. As our troops fight a ruthless enemy determined to destroy our way of life, they deserve to know that their elected leaders who voted to send them to war continue to stand behind them. (Applause.) Our troops deserve to know that this support will remain firm when the going gets tough. (Applause.) And our troops deserve to know that whatever our differences in Washington, our will is strong, our nation is united, and we will settle for nothing less than victory. (Applause.)”

We are only starting to understand the significance and consequences of Bush’s betrayal. We can not trust Bush again, and many here and around the world will never be able to trust the United States again. This is especially serious because there still are countries and people who might really be preparing to attack with these weapons. Because of what Bush has done America can no longer sound the alarm. Who would believe? Who could be sure it isn’t just another mistake – or trick? This is a dangerous situation.
Watch your backs.

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  1. KAtrina – Bush – James Nolan – Lourdes Muñoz
    12 Consejos en una catastrofe por James Nolan . Son las conclusiones de este escritor de New Orlenans después de pasar el Katrina, y especialmente de estar en una situación límite sin atención de las autoridades. A todos nos puede servir, ya que no sabemos que nos puede pasar, y sobre todo donde nos puede “pillar” una catastrofe.

  2. Here is a little ditty that I wrote back in 2003. (I wrote some other stuff in July and August of 2001 too that may be of interest sometime.)
    When you look at the Bush administration’s policy, including what gets reported in the evening news and that which get reported only on the obscure websites, the same agenda evinces itself–it is only interested in control of the entire world.
    When viewed from that perspective, all this stuff makes perfect sense.
    The track record of “world beaters” isn’t too good. The last one was named Hitler, and the one before him was named Napoleon. Neither fared very well.
    George W. Bush will go down in history as the man who set the world on fire. There will never be any more like him.
    James Hogan
    Mar 28 2003, 11:41 pm
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    Subject: Re: Most important economics
    “Lantern” wrote in message…
    > JHogan wrote:
    > >The most important event of this century, only in its 3rd year, is the
    > >for American Empire.>
    > I think you are right. However, maybe terming it the “push for American
    > may be a little harsh. How about terming the most important event the
    “Push for
    > America to become the world’s police force.”? I don’t think Americans want
    > establish an empire but rather to push for American things like Democracy,
    > Enterprise, Human Decency. The word “empire” connotates ‘evil empire’ in
    > people’s mind?
    If I had wanted to say that the “push to become the world’s police force”
    was the reason, then I would have said so. That is not the reason.
    The reason is to establish an American Empire throughout the world. Period.
    Attach to it whatever adjectives and inflections you wish, but that is the
    reason for this war
    According to the reasoning that I can glean from the writings of the
    proponents of this policy, the rationale goes something like this:
    o-the United States is the preeminent military power in the world, and
    should use that power to enforce our wishes on the rest of the world;
    o-to do this, a case must be found to establish that power– thus we find
    outselves at war in Iraq;
    o-there are other reasons to do this, namely to assuage a powerful lobby in
    the US–the Israeli Lobby–so that we can simultaneously eliminate one of
    their foes, and gain control of the world’s oil prices.

  3. A buddy of mine was part of a Canadian team that went into the US the day following the storm and brought along fresh supplies of food, water and warm clothing for the victums of Katrina.
    They were told shortly after their arrival in the US to go back home. Later on we all watched as reports from the media started to trickle out that people still had not recieved any help whatsoever from their own government and I came to the instant conclusion that the folks of New Orleans were being used as some kind of twisted cleansing experiment [while Bush played his guitar] to see how long it would take for a mass of injured and desperate people to turn on one another for food and water. It was so obvious that your fellow Americans were not being considerd an important enough cause for a quick response by the chains of command. Not to judge too quickly but to observe and put together the reasons why it seemed no one was stepping in, at all.
    Many vacationing Canadians caught in the storms aftermath watched in horror as children, pregnant women and the elderly died right in front of them in a do nothing created hell hole.
    As far as I can tell the people of the United States of America are now under the rule of another dictator. Many dictators in the past stood by as it’s own citizens died under their rule of the land and today American’s are so bombarded with lies and calculated deceptions by those who control your government [the jewish dominated neo-cons]that it will be only a matter of time when you get out of bed and will turn on the mafia like media propoganda networks and realize you no longer have any freedoms.
    Everything from the 911 reports to the WMD’s gives one the impression that your being sold a mountain of lies so that your hi-jacked government can set up and dictate other peoples futures.

  4. Worst USA Presidunces in Order-Coward Wilson, Truman, Jr. Bush’it, Papa Bush, Clinton and the list is never ending.-leave Nixon out!
    Please read up on Ben Freedmann essay 1953–
    America’s policies killed millions. Bribing, Blackmailing—Why are americans such warmongers and obtuse creeps? Chimps have better morals and manners and learn from mistakes.

  5. All presidents have lied to take America to wars – both Roosevelts and Johnson and Clinton – for the enrichment of the elites / bankers that own the Military-Industrial-Educational complex (others besides the Bushes and Cheneys – like the Rockefellers) – each generation gets suckered with the flag waving – ‘they’re coming to get us’ – theatrics to get us to fight the ‘devils’ once again. Beyond all this their NWO is the same Old World Order – refined by todays technologies made to spy on all of us (how many people would it take to watch all of us?), control our food supply (GMO’s – thanks to criminal Clinton), control all of the currency via the Federal Reserve, the private bankers sham operation center, chemtrails in the skies to poison us and to control and fuck up the weather, both parties (the kleptocracy) are responsible for the $8 trillion deficit – are your grandchildren prepared to be slaves to repay all this to the International bankers in London – Bejing? Money borrowed to wage illegal wars – and windfalls for Lockheed, Halliburton and Carlyle (Bush) and GE (CBS)and billions in corporate welfare and on and on…Carlyle is now in the Nuclear biz in the U of Texas – the Bushes make money making nukes and Bioport (Bush Sr company) makes the Anthrax vaccine – remember the Pentagon wanting to force all military to take it even though many were having bad reactions to it – Bioport is now getting into the Avian flu vaccine – like Tamiflu was a Gilead Co. product – with it’s former CEO Rumsfeld now Sec of Def raking in millions – thats how this works – all the usual pigs at the trough – creating wars and 9/11’s, pandemics and then cashing in – all while pushing America into complete bankruptcy and into the arms of the New World Order feudel lords (the International Bankers). They know that we are onto them – they know we know that they know — and Mercury is going retrograde soon for 3 weeks. Hold on! Be careful. Communication will be difficult and you will need to be extra discriminating.
    Now is the time to be vigilant – the corrupt mainstream (state) media is ‘showcasing’ the success of the Democrats and warning about the possible pending GOP collapse – now is the time to wonder what the Elite are preparing us for – another 9/11? – news is propaganda – !! – the Democrats are scumbags and as corrupt and willing as their ugly twin, the Republicans, to destroy America and give up our sovereignty (as Bush already did when he signed the ‘Security and Prosperity’ agreement this past Spring in Crawford with Martin of Canada and Fox of Mexico – creating a “Pan American Union’ by 2010) – last week they – your Senate – 86-14 – voted to approve another 350,000 H1B visas to foreigners to come in to take our and our kids’ jobs! How are our college graduates going to repay their ‘government’ loans when thay work at Wal-Mart (Americas gulag)?? This is your Democrats (Kennedy, etc) and Republicans working hard for the New World Order and the Bankers. Our best bet is NOT TO VOTE and refuse to be apart of their game. They are 2 sides of the same coin – a bad penny at that! Boycott major corporations like Exxon Mobil owned by the Rockefellers – withdraw your resources from those companies that globalize destruction and death – support local businesses and turn off your TV – its sapping your energy and its all lies and distractions. Don’t read the papers either. Use the Internet to be informed –,,, etc. Engage in spiritual activities and spend time with your friends and family. Enjoy life – the Elite hate it when simple folks are happy. Argentina (FTAA) showed what people together can do in spite of the Police, Military and the arrogant leaders that continue to try and sell the same old lies – we’re bringing democracy and free trade – trust us. Not anymore!!

  6. At the rate things are going, this country, America, is going to see first martial law and then a civil war the likes of which has never been seen.
    This war will take place between the citizenry and the government.
    God help us all.

  7. Yes- I agree that this twisted domination is the goal, but think as many do that Bush is a puppet figure, channeling the agenda of his ilk.

  8. I concur with your writings and incisive thoughts. As a muslim i feel hurt and victimised by the anti-Islam mindset simply because some alledged Arabs Muslims did things that is not Islamic and so gave Islam a bad name. Before the Bush led 9/11 tragedy Islam has been existing peacefully even after being colonialised, exploited, oppressed, occupied, exterminated, sanctioned, massacred, betrayed,etc by the civilized atomic and nuclear bomb powers. The whole world was telling the Americans, Britons and Aussies not to bomb Iraq but these axis of civilized bible believers went and killed the uncivilzed weaponless Iraqis as thw world sigh. Thats how the God of the Bible helped America and saved the Queen. America, Britain and Australia are the real WMD and most uncivilized Bible believers on this side of hell. And the Yankees got the cheek to ask why we hate them. We do not hate Yankees. We hate INJUSTICE!!!!!! And we will die for it!

  9. “And, most important, no president has ever betrayed that trust before and it is hard to imagine one so corrupt that he would.”
    One must be either a complete fool or a blatant liar to say such a thing. We know of many documented cases where presidents have deliberately lied to Congress and the American Public. Two very well known and proven cases are the Battle Ship Maine, which was known at the time not to have been sabotaged by Spain, and the Gulf of Tonkin Incident that we know never happened and that LBJ knew had not happened as he was telling Congress that it did in order to send 58,000 U.S. military people to their deaths. There are uncounted additional examples that put the lie to what is written in the paragraph quoted above. Who is paying to have such bullshit propaganda written?

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