The Pop-Up Is Gone

OK, the Dean pop-up is gone. I couldn’t stand it anymore, and readers were complaining. All of you who were annoyed are now ethically bound to go contribute to Dean so he can show a great quarter at the end of the money, and become the nominee, and get Bush out of the White House.

I actually think there is some validity to determining the viability of a candidate by how much money the candidate can raise early in the process. It is a gauge of whether the candidate is able to generate committed support, which is necessary to sustain a campaign for the White House. BUT I think it is just as important to look at the number of donors as it is to look at the amount. If a candidate is able to inspire a lot of people to send $100 checks, that says a lot. If a candidate is mostly raising $2000 check, that’s a different story – that tells you how many rich people who don’t CARE about spending $2000 the candidate attracts, and could lead to absurd pro-rich positions like supporting repealing the estate tax.

I think people who send $100 checks are almost always people for whom that $100 really matters. I think people who can send $2000 are more likely to be people to whom $2000 doesn’t matter all that much.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying to send $100 if you CAN send $2000! Gov. Dean needs every penny if he’s going to be able to go after Bush.

I will be writing about how I think we can beat Bush’s money advantage. I’ve been percolating an idea.