The “Pledge Document” – The Photos Tell The Fantasy Story

Holy Toledo! I downloaded the Pledge To America document. Before reading I skimmed through it and noticed the photos. You try it. Download it and look at the photos. It is clear just who is and who is not “American” in their eyes.
After looking at the pictures, read the thing. Like the pictures, it’s about some kind of white fantasy America. The rich won’t have to pay taxes, “other” spending will be cut — but not anything that might affect you or any programs you like (since nothing is specified) no matter who you are, people won’t need government assistance and certainly won’t get it, companies won’t need to be regulated, women won’t need an abortion even to save their life, the environment won’t need to be protected or cleaned up. Oh, and no one will need to sue corporations – because you won’t be able to anymore. And if people do need those things, well too bad.
The deficit they created with tax cuts will be cured by … tax cuts? The TARP bank bailout they left us with will be cured by … tax cuts? The jobs that never appeared after their tax cuts will be created by … tax cuts? The health care bill will be replaced by … tax cuts? Terrorists will be fought with … tax cuts?
RJ Eskow names it: GOP’s “Pledge” To Rob The Middle Class: No Jobs, No Health Care, No Security,

Once you strip away the rhetoric, the answer is simple: Off the top, their plan is a trillion-dollar giveaway to the rich – at everybody else’s expense. Their “pledge” would slash needed spending, kill jobs and end any hope of growing the economy. It declares open season on the public’s health and safety with a deregulation agenda that would unleash BP, Goldman Sachs, and every other corporation whose risky behavior endangers us. It would lead to even more financial crashes and environmental disasters. Firefighters, cops,and teachers would be laid off in droves. The deficit would soar. We’d face a permanently stagnating economy. The middle class would wither away.
That’s the future they’re offering. It’s Bush on steroids, fattened up and ready to feast on … you. If you like today’s economy, you’ll love the one these guys are cooking up.

RJ goes into detail. Go read.

5 thoughts on “The “Pledge Document” – The Photos Tell The Fantasy Story

  1. Good post by lambert over at Corrente — we need to remember that trillions, not just billions, have gone to the banksters, most of the money through the back door at the Fed. We need to remember that the public was vastly against the TARP, but Paulson lobbied strongly for it and, we learned later, Obama worked closely with him.
    So, TARP’s $700B was Bush’s baby, Dems passed it but only after Obama worked with Bush’s Treasury Scty and whipped the Dems fiercely for its passage, and the vast amount of money went through the Fed to the Banksters. Oh, and too bad we didn’t demand accounting for the rest of the trillions, eh?
    It’s was truly bipartisan! Now, the public should be reminded of all the players, and neither side should get away with misinforming the public.
    It’s really too bad that our masterful orator, the current president, didn’t use his bully pulpit to educate the public rather than foolishly attempt to woo the Repub congress critters over the past 20 months. He might be in better standing with the public if he’d done so.
    Communication, using words to inform, even persuade. What a concept! Why didn’t his speechwriters and advisers get that concept?
    Next up, listening to the public?

  2. Wow — I did look at the photos. Dave, can you download this? I’m sure even the Repubs will notice pretty soon that, well, it sure seems to aimed at only one group here in these United States of America.
    Oh, mym — there was one guy who might be Asian, or at least not clearly white, and he was a soldier.
    Also, the pledge is long enough that most people won’t bother reading it, so the Repubs can define it any old way they want, right?

  3. Wow. I did scroll through (whole lotta scrollin’ goin’ on, it’s a long PDF — so long most people won’t read it all. Lets the Repubs say just about anything they want about it….) and was amazed at the photos as well. Guess the Repubs have missed a few changes going on in this nation, eh?
    I did notice one guy, a soldier, who appeared to be Asian or at least non-white, but not totally sure on that.
    Dave, can you download this? Even the Repubs may notice that they’re leaving out a huge number of Americans and make some additions. Then, again, if the Tea Partiers are their target demo, they may not want to make any changes….

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