The Other War: Afghanistan

[Let us not forget that we’re still deeply mired in Afghanistan, with no more idea of when we’ll be able to declare our invasion a “success” and withdraw our troops than in Iraq. American men and women are still being wounded and dying, and the American taxpayer is still shelling out a few billion every month to pay for it. -Thomas]
Doubts Grow over US Afghan Strategy
By Andrew North
BBC News
Friday 25 November 2005

It is four years since the fall of the Taliban regime. The United States has spent billions of dollars on its operations in Afghanistan – but what does it have to show for it?

With no end in sight to the insurgency led by remnants of that regime and insecurity still holding back development in large parts of the country, it is a question that many more people are asking.

2 thoughts on “The Other War: Afghanistan

  1. My favorite part is where we spend more to erradicate the opium than we would have spent to buy it.
    But it’s just not fun is you can’t bomb a few people and pay Halliburton for just being there.

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