The Next Corner After That

This at CNN: Poll: Consumer confidence is fading.

NEW YORK (CNN/Money) – Consumer confidence continued to fade last week, following a brief spike during the war in Iraq.

The ABC News/Money magazine Consumer Comfort Index, based on ratings of current economic conditions, stands at -24 on a scale of positive-100 to negative-100 for the week ended May 11. The index surged by 13 points from March 23 through April 20, reaching a seven-month high.

Remember when Bush said his tax cuts would make the economy recover? This time the public was told that the war would restore the economy. It didn’t. It has been one promise after another. My feeling is that this was about the last time the public is going to listen to a “prosperity is just around the corner” message.

I suspect that THIS time they aren’t going to be so easily led around by the nose by the ever-optimistic business press. We’ll see.

The stock market is up HOW much since the war started?